New York comedian fetes Biden with Hindu ceremony, goes viral

Comedian Zarna Garg performs an aarti ceremony at home as President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden enter the swearing-in ceremony. Videograb from Zarna Garg video

Zarna Garg, a comedian based in New York City, was so happy to see Predident Biden being inaugurated, she spontaneously took a thali with all the Hindu ritualistic items on it and did an aarti to welcome the new occupant of the White House.

As with many things before, but particularly during Covid-19, the video went viral according to Garg, who has emerged quite successful despite the restrictions the pandemic has placed on performers of all genres.

Garg indicates that as she watched the inauguration she was so excited that the moment Biden’s name was announced “I realized that no one was there to welcome him!”

“I flew across the room, found a prayer thali (plate) which obviously I have ready all the time, and did a traditional Indian welcome with the flower petals and all …”

Luckily, her quick-thinking daughter who “found the whole thing very funny” recorded the moment, Garg says, and the comedian uploaded it to her Instagram and Tik Tok accounts.

“and whoa …before I knew it, a quarter of a million people watched that video and got all emotional with me.” In addition, 5,000 people forwarded the ideo to friends and relatives all over the world to share in that very Indian moment of welcoming Biden,” Garg says.

Over a thousand people responded to her with their feelings for that special moment and shared their experiences, according to Garg.

Describing herself as “The Funny Brown Mom” on her website, Garg has been prolific on social media during the pandemic, after doing some outdoor shows after the pandemic engulfed New York. Her latest comedy videos, she says have taken Tik Tok “by storm” gaining “more than 18 million views and counting!”

Her debut romantic comedy screenplay “Rearranged” won the Best Comedy Screenplay Award at the 2019 Austin Film Festival (placing #1 out of 11,000 scripts), and was also a 2019 Academy Nicholl Fellowships Semi-Finalist. The script has been optioned by Marginal Mediaworks.

She was performing at the popular comedy club Carolines on Broadway, but had to stop due to the pandemic.



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