Nawazuddin A Remarkable Actor: Shweta Tripathi



Mumbai, Jan 8.  Actress Shweta Tripathi, who will be sharing screen space with Nawazuddin Siddiqui in their forthcoming film “Haraamkhor” said her co-star is a remarkable actor.

“At first, I was worried sharing screen with an actor like Nawazuddin Siddiqui because he is a remarkable actor and an outstanding person. He didn’t make me feel that I am a newcomer,” Shweta said in an interview on Saturday.


“Nawazuddin brings down himself to match the level. I felt like I am working with an actor who has same experience like me,” she said

“That’s why I respect him so much. I don’t know anybody who does that. He gives space to another co-star,” She added.

“Working with him brings the best of you. I really admire him. I think he knows how he helped me in acting,” the actress said.

“Once he said some actors need to be choosy. That line stuck in my mind. I am now super choosy with the films. He also said ‘talent can’t be suppressed.’ I truly believe in these things,” the “Masaan” actress told the reporters.

Shot in a small village in Gujarat, the film explores the romance between a 14-year-old school student and her teacher.

Decorated with visuals set in a small village are the main characters of the film, the teacher, the student, a boy who has a crush on the same girl and his friend who helps him and the teacher’s wife.

The trailer is funny in parts — even as the film sets out to spread a serious message.

Directed by Shlok Sharma, the film is releasing on January 13.