More than 1,000 Bartlett, Illinois residents vaccinated during BAPS Charities initiative

Hemi Patel of Prism Health Lab, administering a covid-19 vaccine at the BAPS Charities Covid-19 Vaccine Drive April 1, 2021, in Bartlett, Illiois. (Photo: Asia Media USA)

Following on the advice of the scientific community and public officials on the need for widespread vaccination to fight the COVID-19 pandemic, BAPS Charities hosted a COVID-19 Vaccination Drive in Bartlett, Illinois on April 1, 2021, in collaboration with Prism Health Lab.

A total of 1,111 vaccine doses were administered to essential workers and adults with underlying health conditions in just one day, according to a BAPS press release.

Volunteers from BAPS Charities made sure the Covid protocols were followed during the event, with participants practicing social distancing, sanitizing hands etc. Translation services were provided, the press release noted.

Medical staff from Prism Health Lab also carried out the vaccination registration, delivery of vaccines and offered post-vaccination care.

BAPS Charities volunteers helping a vaccine recipient check-in and complete the verification process on April 1, 2021, in Bartlett, Illinois. Photo: Asian Media USA

“It is a passion for our volunteers to give back, and we’re grateful to have Prism Health as a partner in this vaccine drive,” Yagnesh Patel, a BAPS Charities volunteer, is quoted saying in the press release.

Medical Director of Prism Health Lab Dr. Mehbub Kapadia, said, “I am so thankful to the BAPS Charities volunteers for putting this event together in only two days. This event is one of the best events we have done, among the over 100 drives we have done so far.”

Rachel L, a local resident is quoted saying, “I am getting vaccinated for the loved ones in my family, for those that I am encountering, just to save a life, to protect those who I love.”

BAPS Charities has also helped during the pandemic to spread awareness and counter misinformation. Similar vaccination drives have been planned at more than 30 cities throughout North America, organizers said.

To date, BAPS Charities has provided over 110,000 pieces of personal protective equipment, donated $180,000 in financial assistance and prepared and delivered over 80,000 meals to those in need, the press release said.



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