Miss/Mrs/Teen India New Jersey 2022 saw tough competition at the pageant

Winners in different categories at the Miss India New Jersey pageant held in Royal Albert’s Palace, NJ, July 15, 2022, Photo: Jayesh Patel, courtesy organizers.

Thirty one Indian-American women participated in the “Miss/Mrs/Teen India New Jersey” beauty pageant that took place over more than four and a half hours July 15, 2022, at the grand ballroom of Royal Albert’s Palace in Fords, N.J. The contestants had previously shown their various talents at a July 14 event where the best-of-the-best impressed judges and were selected for the final round.

Mayor of Woodbridge, NJ John McCormac, opened the Miss India New Jersey pageant held July 15, 2022, at Royal Albert’s Palace. Also seen in picture are the organizers including Shobhana Patel, 4th from right, director of the whole show, Albert Jasani, 3rd from right, and the team that trained the girls and choreographed the show. Photo: Jayesh Patel courtesy organizers.

The Mayor of Woodbridge John E. McCormac inaugurated the event, which was also attended by Councilman Viru Patel. Riya Pawar, Miss Teen India New Jersey 2021, sang the U.S. and Indian national anthems.

The event was also a celebration of India’s 75th Independence Day anniversary and a tribute to Mahatma Gandhi and Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

It was presented by Royal Albert’s Palace in association with Miss/Mrs/Teen India USA. The winners were crowned by Bollywood star Riya Sen.

Miss India New Jersey Mira Patel being crowned by Indian actress Riya Sen at the July 15, 2022 pageant. Also seen in photo are Shabhana Patel, right, and Albert Jasani, 2nd from right. Photo: Jayesh Patel courtesy organizers

Organizers included New Jersey State Director Shobhana Patel, who directed the whole show.

Choreographers were Aric Damani and Rohit Baxi; Director Albert Jasani, and Woodbridge Art Commissioner Sonal Gadhavi, as well as Shraddha Pawar were others involved in organizing the event.

Parikh Worldwide Media and ITV Gold were among several media supporters for the event. Mayor of Woodbridge John McCormack inaugurated the glamorous show.

Following is the list of winners:

The three top winners of the Miss India New Jersey pageant July 15, 2022, held in New Jersey. Photo: Jayesh Patel, courtesy organizers. Center, Mira Patel, Miss India New Jersey; left Raksha Tripathi, Mrs. India New Jersey; and on right, Sanskriti Srivastava Miss Teen India New Jersey. Photo: Jayesh Patel, courtesy organizers.

Miss India New Jersey 2022

Winner Mira Patel
1st runner up Nikita Narayan
2nd runner up Sanjana Chekuri

Miss Teen India New Jersey 2022

Winner Sanskriti Srivastava
1st runner up Pranavi Soma
2nd runner up Vedika Uppal

Mrs. India New Jersey 2022
Winner Raksha Tripathi
1st runner up Mansi Shah
2nd runner up Anamika Patel

Models wearing Khadi walk the ramp at the July 15, 2022 Miss India New Jersey event in Woodbridge, to celebrate India’s 75th anniversary of independence, and Mahatma Gandh’s leadership in the movement to revive Khadi. Photo: Jayesh Patel courtesy organizers

Because this is the 75th year of India’s Independence, one of the highlights was a salute to Bharat Mata – Motherland India, and Prime Minister Narendra Modi of India. There was a special tribute to Gandhiji’s Khadi movement, where models walked the ramp dressed in designer clothes made from Khadi.

Indian actress Riya Sen, who crowned the winners at the july 15, 2022 Miss India New Jersey pageant, being honored by organizers Shobhana Patel, left, and Albert Jasani on right. Photo: Jayesh Patel, courtesy organizers

Organizers said they saw the pageant also as a way to portray the power of women and their empowerment – for which a special category was made named Shakti, which was won Ramanpreet Kaur. The category of Royal Albert Palace Diva was won by Srutikirti Saxena.

The final walk down the ramp at the Miss India New Jersey 2022 held July 15, at Royal Albert’s Palace. Seen in photo, left, Shobhana Patel, 2nd from right Albert Jasani, actress Riya Sen, right. Photo: Jayesh Patel courtesy organizers

The Evening Gown was the last and final segment of the pageant which was judged by top models and media personalities. The Best Talent Overall was won by Siri Kamath, who sang on a whistle.

Contestants interviewed by ITV Gold during the Talent Show, praised the event for the confidence it had given them and the skills they had learnt.

“The preparations were really great … and we’ve had a sisterhood formed,” among the women, said participant Nikhita to ITV Gold. Another named Devika, praised Aric Damani who “taught us how to conduct ourselves.”

Fourteen year-olds Ria and Pranavi, both emphasized confidence building. Sunidhi said it was hard and a big commitment to be part of the event.



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