Miss Bharat USA pageant held in New Jersey

(All Photos: Deval Parikh)


A unique two-day beauty pageant in New Jersey, Dec. 2-3, where women of all ages competed in 6 different categories, attracted 63 contestants to vie for the positions of Miss Bharat USA, Miss Teen Bharat USA, Mrs. Bharat USA, Mrs Bharat Classic USA, Mr. Bharat USA, and Mr. Teen Bharat USA of 2017.

Siya Nanda was crowned Miss Bharat USA 2017. The 1st Runner-up was Amreen Dhaliwal, and the 2nd Runner-up was Kyra Lalwani.

In the Mrs Bharat USA 2017 category, the winner was Aanchal Pahwa , 1st Runner-up Naveeta Sachdeva, and the 2nd Runner-up was Anchal Dubey.

Sugandha Gopal walked away with the Mrs Bharat Classic USA 2017 crown. The 1st Runner-up in this category was Meenakshi Uppal, and the 2nd Runner-up was Milie Rajput.

Shayna Sunil became Miss Teen Bharat USA 2017. The 1st Runner-up in this category was Ramya Pramila Bathula, and the 2nd Runner-up was Amy Nargis Kohli.

In the men’s categories, the Mr Teen Bharat USA 2017 crown went to Nikhil Misra and the 1st Runner-up was Rohit Bboga.

Rythm Singh won in the Mr Bharat USA 2017 category. The 1st Runner-up was Jai Dev, and 2nd Runner-up position was taken by Tarun Swarnkar.

MyDream Entertainment, a New Jersey based company, organized the pageant which was held at Royal Albert’s Palace in Ford, N.J. The special guest was Bollywood singer Ali Quli Mirza who according to organizers, ‘rocked’ the audience.

Bollywood actor Aryan Vaid, model and yoga instructor Gauri Sandhu, and other business personalities were among the judges. MyDream CEO Rashmi Bedi, and Janak Bedi claimed in a press release that this was one of the biggest beauty pageants in the world of Indian pageant industry and that they are planning to send it to the Guinness Book of World Records. Parikh Worldwide Media was among the media partners of the event which was aired live on TV and online, the press release said.

The primary goal of the pageant, according to organizers, was to highlight the talents of contestants, showcase their skills, and judge fairly. Special software was used to ensure this fairness, they said. The in-depth insight provided by judges and panelists also ensured fair judgment, organizers said. They thanked the participants, the audience, the many sponsors, and judges, the media and others who came together to make the event a success.



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