Making the small things in life count


Abhilasha Sinha is an Indian American graphic designer who believes in telling stories through her art.

After receiving her bachelors from J.J. Institute of Arts in Mumbai, Sinha came to New York and started working for high profile companies like Bloomberg, Macy’s, Energizer, UBS, Microsoft, Ernst & Young and more, where she faced the challenge of communicating to their audiences in their way and not hers saying that her “job is basically like that of an actor.”

She has been in the advertising field for over 12 years now, working mainly in the fashion industry and the financial district though she still loves to think freely and draws sketches on the side while in the day time she works for a WPP company.



She specializes in UX Design and she is constantly keeping up with digital trends along with updating her software skills and has also co-founded Thread Channel, a sustainable fashion Start-Up where one of her designed ads for the website was recently shortlisted for an art magazine known as Communication Arts.

She has been consulting and helping various start-ups with branding and user experience as well as mentoring young advertising and design students and has also been invited to speak at various design schools in New York City, she currently works as an Integrated Associate Creative Director of Art.

Sinha recently held an exhibition in East Village under her company name Tiny Wins, commemorating the small victories in life that we often don’t think about.


“The name came to me when a few years ago I was in line at a concert trying to get a flower crown and I was given the last one while there were still so many people behind me,” she said.


“Later that week I got a free bus ride when I got on a bus and the driver told me that the ride was free since the machine wasn’t working,” she added.

So that’s what led her to creating Tiny Wins; celebrating the small victories in life as compared to the big ones like receiving a promotion or something of the sort and she wanted to showcase other people’s ‘Tiny Wins’ on her website

“A few years ago I came up with this idea of showcasing people’s tiny wins through my art. While talking to a few friends one day I realized that we have so many moments in our lives that feel like wins but we forget about them because we count only big wins or achievements,” she said.

“These tiny wins are an important fuel, which keeps us going on day today basis. So I decided to give these smaller victories a bigger platform by creating these wins into works of art and sharing with the people who shared their tiny wins in the first place,” she added.

Sinha showcased the artwork she received on her website, at her exhibition which was held on Aug. 31 and hopes to do more of these exhibitions in the future.



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