Making Allu Arjun dance to his style was a dream for Rajit Dev

Allu Arjun with choreographer Rajit Dev. Photo: Prashant Golecha

Choreographer Rajit Dev is back with a new song, this time with none other than pan-India star Allu Arjun in a song titled Memu aagamu. It is a part of Coke live music that features Kpop six-member band TRI.BE with Allu and Armaan Malik.

Speaking about his experience with Allu, Rajit says, “I’ve worked on a song with Allu-sir earlier, but as an assistant to choreographer Vaibhavi Merchant. This is the first time I choreographed him as an independent dance director, and making Allu dance to my style is nothing less than a dream to me.”

He goes on, “Allu Arjun-sir is such a humble person. Despite the huge stardom, there’s a beautiful heart, which is warm and amazing.” Another milestone that Rajit has crossed now is working with the Kpop band. He adds, “I am very proud to say that I’m the first Indian to choreograph a Kpop band. It’s a huge thing. The group of girls (TRI.BE) were so sweet and super-professional. They have so much energy, which I have experienced on the set, and made my work look great.”

So what exactly was in his mind while designing the steps for Allu and the Kpop group?  Says Rajit: “I was under a lot of pressure to come up with a good hook- step. As everyone knows, Allu-sir is a fantastic dancer. His swag is simply magical. My thought was I’d make a few options that I feel are good, and show them to him to choose one. He liked all, but we then settled with one particular style and everyone was hooked to it. I also wanted to incorporate Indian classical hands for the Kpop group. I knew this would be a great collaboration of Indian and Korean culture coming together.”

Rajit also shares his emotions while shooting for the song. “There’s always a nervous energy when I’m shooting. But this time, it was more because I was shooting with a big superstar. At the same time, I felt blessed that I got to be with all of them in the same room and teach them my steps and share my knowledge through dance. When you actually see the final result, you know the hard work of the team got its due. The song is released now and I have received some great feedback from it.” The music video is directed by Collin D’Cunha and was shot in mid-July in Bangkok.

Rajit has proved his mettle time and again in songs like Coco, Bijlee bijlee, Baarish ki jaaye, Pachtaoge and Tera saath ho.



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