Mahadeo Suhnandan arraigned for alleged machete killing death of nephew

October 29, 2020

Fifty year-old Mahadeo Suhnandan, admitted to killing his nephew Neraz Roberts in a grisly murder Sunday June 12, 2022, in Queens, at their home in Hollis, Queens.

The New York Post reporting the murder, quoted prosecutors who recounted Suhnandan’s words, “I chopped him up.”

According to the Post report, a neighbor said the family had been feuding over ownership of the family home since the death of Suhnandan’s mother-in-law two and a half years ago from COVID.

Roberts and Suhnandan had another fight the day before the murder, according to the account given by Suhnandan to the judge.  His lawyer David Donaldson Strachan is quoted saying,  “He has no criminal record, and this is his frst arrest.”

The Post report quotes Suhnandan allegedly telling the police, “I’ve had enough. … His whole life he wanted to kill me.”

Other gruesome details allegedly provided by Suhnandan, are contained in the Post report which also said the Queens man had been ordered held without bail on murder charges by Judge Diego Freire on June 13, 2022.



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