‘Maaya’ not about just sex and sensuality, says actor


Hanif Hilal celebrate diwali with kids on 13th Nov 2015 shown to user


Hanif Hilal, who has debuted as an actor with filmmaker Vikram Bhatts “Maaya”, says the new web-series is not just about “sex and sensuality”, but is a meaningful take on people who are into alternative ways of sexual gratification.


“Being a web-series, ‘Maaya’ is a perfect bridge between television and movies. It explores a taboo topic. A condition to explore different sexual urges which are not openly acceptable or spoken about by us,” said Hilal, who has changed his name to Veer Aryan.

“It’s not about sex and sensuality only. It’s a deep meaningful take on people who are into alternative ways of sexual gratification other than those that are widely accepted in our society,” he added.

“Maaya”, touted as the first Indian fictional work on BDSM (bondage, discipline, sadism and masochism), also features Shama Sikander, Vipul Gupta, Aradhya Taing and Parina Chopra.

Talking about Bhatt, who has written and directed the web-series, Veer said: “He is a fabulous person. He knows his craft and also knows what he wants from his actors.

“He is very particular about how he perceives a scene and its graph and within those parameters he gives you the freedom to express it the way you want it.”

“Maaya” is aired on YouTube channel VBOnTheWeb.