Lohri Festival Celebrated At Illinois Hari Om Mandir


A large number of devotees thronged the Hari Om Mandir in Medinah Jan. 13 to celebrate the Lohri festival at the temple that was decorated on the traditional theme of a village in Punjab.

As part of the celebrations, women dressed in colorful phulkaris and Punjabi suits, performed Giddha dance – led by Mona Sharma, Rajeshwari Rawat and team.

The devotees celebrated the day with traditional food of saag (mustard greens), makki ki roti (corn), lassi (Buttermilk), followed by a vibrant cultural evening of Gidda, Bhangra, Jago, Punjabi Folk songs, culminating in a lively night of blazing bonfire.

The hukka, charkha, chullah, the village well with the costumes like kurtis, jackets and pagris hanging in the backdrop added to the ambience and mood of the festival.

Lohri is a time to enjoy the foods of the cold weather and look forward to a bountiful harvest in the coming season. The farmers and people in general thank God for his countless blessings and pray for a prosperous future.

At the celebrations, several women from the congregation joined the two young nrides – Amrit Salwan and Nirvka Sharma – who led the Jago team. The festive mood was also enhanced by special pot (gaggar with lighted lamps/candles) and the sounds of the dhol played by Ajay Ghai. Everybody joined to dance their hearts out on Punjabi boliyan, sung by Subhash

Sharma, according to an Asia Media USA press release.
Satpal Salwan, chairman of the board of trustees wished everybody on the occasion while Vipan Wadhera, president of the executive board, greeted everybody on this occasion and congratulated all the new-born babies, and newly-married women on their first Lohri.

The program ended with the Lohri bonfire lighted by Wadhera and Salwan and a; gathering around the fire to offer prayers.