Krishnamoorthi Opposes Repeal Of Obamacare During House Debate


Congressman Raja Krishnamoorthi last week stood strongly against the repeal of the Affordable Care Act, taking to the floor of the House of Representatives in debate over legislation that would mark the first step by House Republicans to repeal the ACA without a replacement.

“Middle-class families need good-paying jobs and affordable health care,” Krishnamoorthi, who represents the 8th District of Illinois, said Jan. 13. “The bill before us today would rob them of both. Repealing without replacing the Affordable Care Act would devastate our economy and harm millions of middle-class families,” he said during the debate.

“Within the 8th District of Illinois, we could lose upwards of over $550 million from our economy and over 4,000 jobs,” the Democratic lawmaker said.
Krishnamoorthi added during debate that his past experience running small businesses in the national security and technology sectors gave him insight into the role of the ACA and small businesses.

“I know firsthand how important health coverage is to workers and to business,” Krishnamoorthi said. Without the protections of the Affordable Care Act, we will see fewer entrepreneurs take the risk of starting a business and fewer workers take the risk of working for a start-up.”

A day before he took the floor of the floor of the House, Krishnamoorthi announced that he will serve on the House Education and Workforce Committee, along with the powerful House Democratic Policy and Steering Committee.

“These committee assignments will give my constituents a voice to make sure I can stand up for working families every day by focusing on job creation and affordable higher education,” Krishnamoorthi said.

The House Democratic Policy and Steering Committee administers the House Democratic Caucus. Krishnamoorthi was appointed to the committee by House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi.
“I am honored to work with my colleagues to make sure that growing and strengthening the middle class is the top priority in Washington,” Krishnamoorthi said.