Kamala Harris kept her World Series promise to Ted Cruz

Kamala Harris visits Ted Cruz in his office upon the World Series victory of the Huston Astros (Courtesy: Twitter)

Indian American Senator Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) met with Sen. Ten Cruz (R-Texas) to discuss baseball World Series bets as she had promised him that she would feed him some of California’s finest food if the Houston Astros beat the Los Angeles Dodgers in the World Series this year.

In October, Harris tweeted “Hey @TedCruz – when the @Dodgers bring that trophy home to the Golden State, lunch is on you, right? #WorldSeries2017” and Cruz replied “Looking forward to enjoying some of CA’s finest food courtesy of @SenKamalaHarris once the @Astros beat the @Dodgers in the #WorldSeries!”

ABC News states that the Astros did beat the Dodgers in seven games on Nov. 1, winning their first World Series title.

So Harris tweeted a 12-second video of herself, in which she wore an Astros shirt and World Series hat and was seen knocking on Cruz’s office door on Capitol Hill.

The video shows her taking a deep breath as she knocks on his door and when no one comes to the door, she says, “Well, maybe he’s not here,” laughing, but does actually make it into the office with a couple of bottles of California wine and See’s Chocolate, which are made in California.

“‘Here I am, congratulations,’ Harris, laughing, said to Cruz, as she pulled items out of a gift bag. ‘I brought you gifts from California. I brought you California wine. A red and a white. And then I brought you some See’s Candies, California-made, some of the best candy in the world. And congratulations, senator, because you won the bet,’” and embraced each other, laughing.

Cruz then tweeted the photos from Harris’ visit and wrote “This season the @astros did, without a doubt, #EarnHistory. Thanks to @SenKamalaHarris for the friendly wager, for the laughs, and the California treats.”



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