India’s top pro chefs in Chef Vs Fridge Season 2

hef Vs Fridge Season 2 is cooking show with a difference. Photo: Genesis-BCW

Chefs Ajay Chopra and Shipra Khanna turn up the heat in this ultimate ‘cook-off’! While love for food is universal, good food with entertainment serves as the perfect recipe for a show. Zee Café’s original production is back with another season of Chef Vs Fridge. Together with new hosts, the two cooking maestros who are known for their unique cooking styles – Chef Ajay Chopra and Chef Shipra Khanna—Season 2 is set for a premiere.

With the intense competition and challenges thrown by the ‘Boss Chiller’, what is in store is lip-smacking food, kitchen drama and unlimited entertainment. Starting March 27, a battle of seasoned chefs will be hosted as two chefs compete against each other while also facing the challenges being thrown to them by the ‘fridge’—the boss chiller and the expert judges.

The show will feature two new contestants in every episode, 24 in total, who will have to curate extraordinary dishes with the ingredients in the Mystery Refrigerator. Audience will be seeing the contestants struggle with bizarre ingredients like cactus, banana peels and more to create their exotic presentation while also using the device chosen by judges.

The season will be an ultimate ode to food-lovers, making them run to their kitchens to prepare their favorite dish, or at least grab their phones and ordering it. Speaking about the show, maestro chef Ajay Chopra said, “I feel enthralled to be a part of Chef Vs Fridge 2 as the expert judge-cum-host. Food has not only been my hobby or profession but also my passion. This time, the audience will see a battle of the contestants along with a lot of fun and insights from us. We will also be coming up with a lot of innovations in cooking. For the show, I used my daily breakfast routine as the ingredients of a dessert. Yes! I prepared a dessert out of coffee and cookies. Audience will get to see me in a never-seen-before avatar, cracking shaayaris and having fun with the contestants.”

Shipra Khanna added, “Our concept is very different from the regular cooking shows and something that has never been done before on Indian TV. This new season takes the competition a notch higher with all the contestants being experts in what they do. Their biggest nemesis—our Boss Chiller—is surely not going to leave any stone unturned to make their lives, and well, I am on his side too. Today, as a chef, when I reflect on my journey it seems like a dream that has come true. I started baking cakes and pastries as a home chef and that is how my journey of cooking started and now, here I am hosting Chef Vs Fridge and judging experienced chefs.”

She goes on, “I would like to say that there’s no age to develop love for cooking, and failures only make you better. The first dish I cooked was also a disaster. Therefore, I would love to invite all food-lovers to watch Chef Vs Fridge 2 for some good food and in-depth insights on cooking.”

The show will air across 12 Zee channels and will stream on Zee5.




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