India’s democracy, diversity, and freedom of religion are what attract Congresswoman Maloney

Rep. Carolyn Maloney, D-NY, speaking to ITV Gold Dec. 1, 2021 Photo videograb ITV Gold

Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney, D-N.Y., is attracted to India because it has been a longtime ally of the United States and also because, like the U.S, it is also a democracy, has a diverse population and is committed to freedom of religion.

In a wide-ranging interview with ITV Gold, Dec. 1, 2021, Rep. Maloney addressed issues of abortion rights, President Biden’s successes, Covid-19 vaccinations, and her affinity with India and Indian-Americans.

As the Supreme Court began hearing the Mississippi case against Roe v Wade, which holds the distinct possibility of overturning the 48-year old right of women to abortion, Maloney asserted, “There is no democracy if women cannot make the decision about their bodies.” She noted that 36 million women, many of them people of color, and poorer sections of the population would be affected in the 26 states if the court ruled against Roe v Wade. She is among lawmakers who have introduced the “Women’s Health Protection Act” in Congress in a bid counter the Supreme Courts action and legislate the right to abortion.

She praised President Biden’s Infrastructure Bill and the Build Back Better plan as working for the country, creating 1.6 million jobs, registering a 5.5 percent GDP growth, and cutting unemployment below 4 percent. She also dwelt on the need to vaccinate people around the world and appreciated the export of vaccines by the U.S. to countries like India, and to South America and the Caribbean.

When asked what attracted her to India, Maloney dwelt on the likeness between the oldest and largest democracies – U.S. and India, and the contributions of Indians who make America their home.

She also reiterated her support in bringing out the Diwali stamp; and how she was working to make Diwali a national holiday in this country, and well as her push to award the Congressional Medal to Mahatma Gandhi.

She predicted an upward trajectory for U.S.-India relations in the future, with growing cooperation not just on terrorism, but also world peace, a strengthening economic bonds and trading relations.

She said it was the respect for India that motivated  President Barack Obama’s to invite India’s leader, then Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, as the first state visitor to the U.S. She also recalled her visit to Houston for the Howdy Modi! event where she met Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who she said was “very happy” to hear about the Diwali stamp.




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