Indian trade body highlights contributions to U.S.

Sign outside a Mahindra Automative factory. (Photo: courtesy Confederation of Indian Industry)

The Confederation of Indian Industry, CII, which has offices in the United States is highlighting the  contributions of Indian multinational companies to this country through their efforts to counter the coronavirus pandemic.

Indian industry has investments and operations across a wide spectrum of sectors in both the US and Canada.

Indian companies are not only adding value to the North American economy, they are also investing in their local communities, according to the CII..

“With the rapid spread of the coronavirus pandemic, Indian industry has taken the initiative and made special efforts to support Government and their neighbours in bolstering their local economies, communities, and education and health systems,” the organization said in a press release April 17, 2020.

While nearly all “non-essential” businesses have implemented work-from-home policies, many essential businesses, such as those in the foods packaging industry, have adapted their operations with extra precautions and protocols to better support their communities, the CII said.

Automotive and other manufacturing facilities are collaborating with local governments to procure “essential business” certification, so they can adapt, redesign and manufacture essentials items such as Personal Protective Equipment and hospital infrastructure necessities to help meet the escalating demand, according to CII.

Among the companies CII cited as examples of the efforts Indian companies have made in U.S. and Canada during the COVID-19 crisis are:

Bristlecone, a member of the Mahindra group, is a California-based supply chain analytics partner for leading Fortune 500 companies. One of their marquee customers, Cepheid, has developed a 45 Minute Covid-19 Test Kit, which was recently approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Bristlecone is also exploring opportunities and sharing insights with companies to mitigate the impact of the COVID-19 crisis on their back-end logistics, and developing supply chain management to minimize the impact of disruptions.

Infosys Foundation USA is a 501(c)(3) organization solely committed to advancing K-12 computer science and maker education across the country. One of the Foundation’s signature initiatives is the Pathfinders Institute — a national week-long computer science (CS) and maker of professional development program for hundreds of public school teachers from underserved school districts across the US.

The Foundation is expanding its program for alumni teachers to include free access and uploading CS and maker content for parents, teachers and students,. Users can access activities, videos and participate in livestream lessons, with new material uploaded weekly from a variety of content providers.

Jaguar Land Rover Canada has made Land Rover off-road vehicles and drivers available to hospitals in Canada to assist in the collection of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), amid Canada’s coronavirus outbreak.

Long called “the pharmacy of the world,” Indian pharmaceutical companies are the largest providers of generic medications globally. Today, they are continuing to provide these life-saving medications during the COVID-19 crisis.

Apart from providing medical supplies to U.S. healthcare workers and institutions, many companies are donating pharmaceutical products and medications for critical coronavirus medical trials and discovery in the global race for a cure.

One such example, Lupin North America, recently donated 10,000 N95 masks to hospitals and nursing homes, with plans to distribute larger donations of masks and PPE as shipments arrive, the CII said.

Mahindra Automotive North America (MANA), Michigan is working closely with the State of Michigan, lawmakers, the National Association of Manufacturers, Michigan Manufacturer’s Association, Oakland County and others to see how it can help with crisis relief efforts.

Mahindra has re-purposed its Auburn Hills, Michigan manufacturing facility to produce an aspiration box with innovative ease-of-use design; face shields and masks for local healthcare workers and first-responders.

Mahindra Automotive has pledged to potentially produce parts that go into ventilators and products of similar sophistication, and will work in coordination with the State of Michigan and the National Association of Manufacturers as needed. They are also providing meals to healthcare workers and first responders via Mahindra food trucks, as well as launching a “ROXOR Delivers” program for dealers of the utility vehicle who have had to close due to state mandates. This new program delivers ROXORs to consumers’ doors, thereby limiting required social interactions.

Beginning March 24, 2020, Oyo Hotels, an Indian chain in the U.S., offered   offered medicale professionals and first responders dealing with the Coronavirus.

TATA Consultancy Services is offering STEM education programs online and free access for all students and teachers across North America. For teachers holding virtual classrooms, TCS industry experts are available to video conference into the classroom. is a site offering distance learning activities that teachers of any subject, grade or student population can leverage and put into action.




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