Indian Seniors Of Chicago Celebrate Multiple Festivals, Events

Indian Seniors of Chicago held their virtual general meeting Oct. 10, 2020, for which some 150 partici[ants tuned in. Photo: ISC

The community organization, Indian Seniors of Chicago, held its general meeting of Oct. 10, 2020 through Zoom video conferencing. Approximately 150 members participated, organizers said in a press release.

Conducted by Dilip Patel who explained the procedures, the participants were welcomed President Narasimha Patel, who urged everyone to keep good health.

Following an interfaith prayer, and the recitation of the Hanuman Chalisa, there was a talk given about Jalaram Bapa, who is considered a saint in Gujarat

A talk about  Lohpati (Iron Man) Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel followed to celebrate his birthday which was on Oct. 31, 1875.   He was the first Deputy Prime Minister and Home Minister of independent India.

Participants also got to hear about Mahatma Gandhi whose     151st birth anniversary just passed on Oct. 2. His favorite hymns were sung at the event.

Indian Seniors of Chicago met virtually Oct. 10, 2020 to celebrate several festivals and celebrate birthdays. Photo: ISC

The names of the members whose birthdays fall in the month of October were announced and the Hindi birthday song was sung and jokes were told.

Information about the famous pilgrimage to Shaktipeeth Ambaji temple of Gujarat was discussed, including the massive amounts of gold that was stored in that temple.

The members of ISC were given details about tax reform in the state of Illinois, and the upcoming November 3 elections for which early voting starts from October 19.

Other subjects discussed included information about German Professor Max Mueller who was influenced by the Vedantic philosophy of Ramakrishna Paramahansa.

The Navratri festival was also celebrated at the virtual meeting of ISC and a Ras-Garba cassette that was played replaced the joyous dance that everyone participates in the in-person celebrations. The Mataji’s Aarti was recited at the meeting and at the homes of some of the participants.



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