Indian Seniors of Chicago celebrate Mother’s Day, Memorial Day, Gujarat Day, and birthdays

Birthday members celebrating their birthday with chief guest ​and​ I​ndian Seniors of Chicago advisor Prof. Sharadbhai Shah.

A meeting of Indian Seniors of Chicago was held in Manav Seva Mandir on May 13. Around 230 members attended.

Hirabhai Patel conducted the meeting. The meeting began with a prayer recited by Naranbhai Mody, Hema Shastri, Janak Shah and Niruben Rawal. This was followed by the ‘Hanuman Chalisa’ which all members sang together. Naliniben Shah sang a bhajan ‘Sharanme aaye ham tumhare,daya karo dayalu bhagavan..’

Detailed accounts for the month of April were presented by C.V. Desai who also gave the names of the donors.

Sharadbhai Shah spoke about the development of Gujarat State and explained the importance of celebrating Gujarat Day. Hirabhai Patel, Gita Suthar, Madhuben Patel, Rohini Dekhtawala, Naliniben Shah, Sandip Sheth, Bhupendra Suthar, Naranbhai Mody sang the song ‘Jay Jay Garvi Gujarat’. All members joined in.

​Indian Seniors of Chicago celebrated Mothers’ Day.

To celebrate Mothers’ Day, Hemaben Shastri spoke about the origin of Mothers’day in the United States. Bhupendra Suthar, Bhadraben Shah, and Hemaben Shastri sang the song ‘Janani Ni Jod Sakhi Nahi Jade re Lol’. President Dr. Narsinhbhai Patel invited some senior mothers and felicitated them by flowers, wishing them Happy Mother’s Day.

To celebrate the ’Memorial Day’, Dr. Rasikbhai Shah gave a speech about the history and importance of Memorial Day, which is observed on the last Monday of May every year.

All the seniors whose birthdays fall in the month of May were called by Arvindbhai Kotak and Bhupendra Suthar in front of the audience and felicitated. All the members collectively wished them singing sung the song ‘happy Birthday to you’ and a greeting card was given to each of them by Prof. Sharadbhai.

Dilipbhai Patel and Arvindbhai Kotak gave details on a picnic to be held at Busse Wood Grove. Chandrakant Patel gave some information about the upcoming tour of East Europe , Scandinavian countries and Russia. Dr. Narsinhbhai Patel gave details about Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and Thailand tour. Dr. Rasikbhai Shah spoke about the short tour of Viscosin Del on June 25 to 27. Hema Shastri gave information of proposed Casino Tour June 17. Arvind Kotak presented recited some jokes and entertained the seniors.



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