Indian Seniors of Chicago celebrate Father’s Day  

Seniors whose birthdays come in the month of June. They were given flowers by the today’s chief guest Mayuri Patel. PHOTOS: Jayanti Oza

Hundreds of seniors attended the general meeting of the Indian Seniors of Chicago held Saturday, June 8, 2024, at the Mahalakshmi Hall of Manav Seva Mandir.

Some 310 members attended, according to Jayanti Oza, who sent an account of the event and said the proceedings were successfully managed by  Chandrakant Patel.

Bhupendra Suthar and members conducted the Sarva Dharma Prarthna and Shri Hanuman Chalisa. Hemant Modi presented the income and expenditure account for the month of May and announced the names of the persons who donated to the organization.

Suthar called out to seniors whose birthdays are in the month of June. They were presented flowers by the chief guest Mayuri Patel. All members sang Baar Baar Yeh Din Aye Tum Jio Hazara Sal. A group photograph was taken on this occasion.

Dr. Narsinh Patel honoring Daxa Parikh, Satish Parikh (Grand Sponsor)

Gujarati film producer Ramesh Punatar provided information about the Father’s Day movie ‘Mane Lei Ja’ and Kasumbo.

President of the organization Dilip Patel gave information about the picnic planned by ISC. He presided over the ex-executive committee members appreciation program. Dr. Narsinh Patel, Chittaranjan Desai, Bipin Shah and Nalin Shah were felicitated on behalf of the organization for their very active work as members of the Executive Committee and their various activities were noted. Dr Narsinh Patel, founder President of the Institute and Bipin Shah addressed the gathering.

On Father’s Day occasion the following were on stage being honored — Narsinh Patel, Chittaranjan Desai, Nalin Shah, Bipini Shah, Shiva Patel and Sarad Shah

The Father’s Day celebration was conducted by Panna Shah and Daksh Parikh. They sang a song befitting the occasion and talked about the place and importance of a father in life. Several members were felicitated and presented with a bouquet.

Chiman Patel and Manu Shah appealed to the members to give donations for the picnic. Many members contributed in cash and in kind.

Mayur Patel and her brother Avinash Patel performed songs and told jokes enjoyed by the audience. They were honored by   Nalini Shah.



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