Indian Overseas Congress USA appoints new leaders


The Indian Overseas Congress, USA, appointed six new Secretaries and a new Chapter President recently, in a bid to strengthen the organization.

Nikhil Thagadur (Photo IOC-USA)

The six Secretaries who received letters of appointment are Nikhil Thagadur, Rajan Padavathil, Hirenkumar M. Patel, Rajdeep Singh Sandhu, Gurinderpal Singh, and Anurag Gawande. Amey Duduskar was appointed new Chapter President of Maharashtra Chapter.

Rajan Padavathil (Photo courtesy IOC-USA)

Each of the appointees was selected based on demonstrating their keen interest in serving IOC, USA, and had individually recruited dozens of new members to augment the organization’s strength, a Nov. 30, 2020 press release said. Their experience and past engagement is expected to strengthen the organization.

Hirenkumar M. Patel (Photo:courtesy IOC-USA)

The IOC, USA said that it has has been continuously taking various steps to reinforce and augment the organization to meet its obligations and responsibilities, particularly to its membership and the Indian American community in the country.

Rajdeep Singh Sandhu (Photo: courtesy IOC-USA)

During the pandemic, IOC, USA held numerous meetings with its membership using Zoom, and invited dignitaries from India to participate and discuss developments at the All India Congress Committee.

“IOC,USA has sprung ahead significantly under the dynamic leadership of Dr. Sam Pitroda,” the press release said. Pitroda is a businessman based in Chicago and has held advisory positions in India on developing the telecom infrastructure in that country.

Gurinderpal Singh (Photo: courtesy IOC-USA)

Congratulating the appointees, Pitroda, the Chairman of the Indian Overseas Congress Department of AICC, wished them success in their new undertakings and advised them to visualize and seek solutions to problems and obstacles in using modern technology while bearing in mind the new needs of the post Covid 19 world.

Anurag Gawande (Photo: IOC-USA)

Secretary-in-charge, Indian Overseas Congress of AICC, Himanshu Vyas wished the appointees well. Vice-Chairman, George Abraham, felicitated the appointees and emphasized the importance of their IT knowledge and experience and impressed upon them to use it to its maximum.

President Mohinder Singh Gilzian, expressed delight at the prospects of the appointees’ added strength, and said he was very hopeful of the value of the contribution that they were capable of making and looked forward to working with them closely.

Amey Duduskar (Photo: courtesy IOC-USA)

Secretary-General, Harbachan Singh, who played an important role in the appointment process, said he was encouraged by their enthusiasm and advised them to work in unison as part of the team.

Various other IOC, USA officials expressed their support as well, including Senior Vice President, Phuman Singh Ibrahimpur, Senior Vice President Ravi Chopra, General Secretary, Rajendar Dichpally, General Secretary R. Jayachandran , General Secretary Narinder Singh Mundar, General Secretary Sophia Sharma, Vice President Ms. Malini Shah, Vice President Pradeep Samala, Vice-President Jose George, Vice President Harpal Singh Tanda, Vice-President Paul Karukappally and various Chapter Presidents and Committee Chairs.



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