Indian man breaks Guinness World record for spinning a basketball — on a toothbrush


The world is full of important and serious news. Mass cyber attacks are happening. The Senate health care bill is still bubbling. The “i before e, except after c” rule is apparently a giant lie!

But sometimes your brain needs a break. Sometimes you just want to watch a man spin a basketball for a lengthy period of time on a toothbrush he’s holding in his mouth.

That’s where Guinness World Records comes in. The famous tome that has also recorded feats such as most milkshake dispensed through the nose (Gary Bashaw Jr.  has had that one on lock since 1999 when he blew 1.82 oz. of milk and chocolate powder out his nostrils) was at it again this week when it officially crowned India native Sandeep Singh the world record holder for spinning a basketball on a toothbrush for the longest duration.

Singh, whose technique begins by spinning the ball on his finger before transferring it to the toothbrush, which he eventually holds in his mouth, managed to spin the ball for 53 seconds, knocking off the previous record (yes, apparently there was a previous record for this) by 6.84 seconds.

“It was my dream to break a world record,” he told Guinness after his record-breaking feat.

We’re not sure if we ever dreamed of watching such a thing, but, hey, it held our attention for a minute.




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