Indian-Americans hailing from Mangalore enjoy 17th annual picnic in Chicagoland


The Mangalorean Konkan Christian Association, MKCN, enjoyed a fortunate and timely summer day June 21, to have their annual picnic, the 17th such event where traditional sports and food were the highlights.

Scores of Mangalorean Konkan Christians gathered for the 17th annual picnic organized by the Mangalorean Konkan Christian Association, MKCA, held June 21, 2019, at Vernon Hills Park District in greater Chicago. Numerous games were played through the day, and traditional foods and snacks were enjoyed at the event. (Photo: courtesy MKCA)

The picnic was held in Vernon Hills Park District opposite the Hawthorn Middle School. The day was filled with games like cricket, volleyball, throw ball, cock fight, dog-n-bone, Pinata, tug-of-war, the famous sack race, and lemon race, enjoyed by all ages.

Mangalorean Konkan Christians enjoying tug-ofwar at 17th annual picnic in Chicagoland June 21, 2019. (Photo courtesy MKCAssociation)

The MKCA President, John Dias, welcomed the crowd and the

Mangalorean Konkan Christians enjoying the sack race at 17th annual picnic in Chicagoland June 21, 2019. (Photo courtesy MKCAssociation)

day’s activities began with the famous Indian pastime, cricket.  Throughout the day youths as well as ‘older youths!’ played volleyball and shuttle badminton, apart from other games where competitions were held, all organized by the Picnic Committee headed by Helen D’Souza and past President Queenie Mendonca. The spirit of sportsmanship dominated, according to a press release from MKCA.

All the winners in the various games received gifts handed out by Dias.  President, John Dias.

Food was prepared by members of the organization, and a variety of snacks, drinks, fresh fruits etc. were arranged by the MKCA Picnic Committee. Konkani songs presented by Francis Lobo throughout the day.

Patcy Lasrado thanked the Picnic Committee on behalf of all those present.




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