Indian American woman among beggars removed from streets of Hyderabad

(Hyderabad police via Twitter)

A 44-year-old Indian American woman, who is also a U.S. green card holder, is one of the beggars being summoned to leave on the streets of Hyderabad.

According to a Times Now report, the woman became a beggar after her relatives cheated her out of her share of the ancestral property.

The city of Hyderabad is currently removing all of the beggars from the street and placing them at Anand Ashrams or “special homes” prior to Ivanka Trump’s visit next week.

“Two women, aged 50 and 44, both natives of Hyderabad, were among some 30 women caught begging near a dargah in Langer Houz. Police took them to Anand Ashram on November 11,” a senior official told Times Now.

The second woman happens to have an MBA degree and has worked as an accountant in London, “lost her husband and was facing certain problems, approached a godman, and on his advice started begging near the dargah. Her son is an architect based in the US,” K. Arjun Rao, the superintendent of the Cherlapalli open-air jail and the head of the Ashram, told Times Now.

“After taking undertakings (that they would not beg again) from them, we handed over both women to their relatives,” the official added, but there are still some 12 women in the Ashram.

The Times Now report mentions that the Telangana Prisons Department along with the police and the civic body has already caught and shifted 235 male beggars and more than 130 women beggars to Anand Ashrams since October 20 as a part of a drive to make Hyderabad a beggar-free city.

The report further stated that the drive began after VK Singh, the Director General of Prisons and Correctional Services, told the government that the prison department would take care of the rehabilitation of beggars, but the drive was postponed after it was noted that Ivanka Trump, daughter of President Donald Trump, was going to be visiting the city for the Global Entrepreneurship Summit on November 28 and so the drive will resume later, Singh added.

The Global Entrepreneurship Summit 2017 is being hosted by India along with the U.S. in efforts to maintain their “strong friendship.”

Ivanka is expected to be heading to Indian after Thanksgiving.



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