Indian American store owner returns $1 million lottery to customer


An Indian American man, Kal Patel, received a $1,200 Helping Hand’s check from DeVaughn James Injury Lawyers for returning a winning ticket to a regular customer.

A long-time customer came in and handed Andy Patel, who was working at the Pit Stop gas station in Salina, Kansas, three folded up lottery tickets for him the check out

After checking two of them Andy, said he noticed there was a third one and when he checked it, found out it was worth $1,000,000.

Both Kal and Andy went around the surrounding neighborhoods twice to look for the customer and give him his winning ticket.

“I walked up to them and told them and they were just shaking. I felt really good. I believe in good karma, bad karma. That was one of the instances of good karma where good karma would come around at some point later in life,” Kal told KWCH12, adding that he was thankful to DeVaughn James for giving him his $1,200 Helping Hand’s check.

Kal is also the owner of the Pit Stop gas station in Salina, Kansas.




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