Indian American shot dead in Mississippi robbery


Sandeep Singh, 21, was shot in the stomach and killed in what police consider a robbery that took place at his house in Jackson, Mississippi on Nov. 27.

According to Jackson Police, the suspects are part of a series of robberies which are occurring in the northwest part of Jackson, suspecting them to be connected.

The suspects are described in a Jackson Police Department press release dated Nov. 28, posted on Twitter, as “2-4 black males armed with handguns” and “The suspect responsible for shooting him (Singh) is described as a black male, last seen wearing a grey hooded shirt, armed with a .9mm pistol,” the police press release said.

“These individuals are concealing their identities by wearing masks, somebody out there knows what’s going on and we’re saying that we need those individuals who know to step forward and help us identify those individuals before any other businesses get robbed,” Jackson Police Chief Lee Vance told MS News Now, and they are also described as wearing bandanas and sweatshirts with hoods, in the press release.

According to police, Singh and two other men were standing outside their house when a man in a mask and a hoodie walked up to them and took their money and cell phones and shot at them while running away.

One bullet hit Singh and he was taken to the University of Mississippi Medical Center, where he died on Monday, Nov. 27. Police say Singh’s death is the city’s 58th homicide this year.

Singh was from Jalandhar, Punjab and came to the U.S. four years ago on a tourist visa. He had just landed his first job.

Singh’s father told PTC News that he and his friends were closing up the store he worked in at 8 p.m. and when his car would not start. The owner told them to stay back.

Singh and his friends left the store at 11 p.m. and returned to their apartment and they were confronted and robbed by three masked men.

When the robbers left, Singh went to go park the car but one of the robbers thought he was going to pull out a weapon, he fired, shooting Singh in the stomach.

His body is expected to arrive in India by Saturday while police continue investigating.



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