Indian American seniors celebrate Diwali and India’s independence day in New Jersey

From left, Vijay Krishna, consul at Indian Consulate in New York, Dipak Shah, president of seniors’ organization FISANA, and Piyush Patel, past president of FISANA, at the recent celebrations for Diwali and India’s 75th independence day, at Royal Albert’s Palace, N.J. Photo: ITV Gold.

The community organization, Federation of Indo-American Senior Associations of North America (FISANA), recently held Diwali celebrations at Royal Albert’s Palace in Fords, New Jersey. It was attended by hundreds of seniors from around the country including Dr. Sudhir Parikh of Parikh Worldwide Media, Mukund Thakkar, and Piyush Patel.

Dr. Sudhir Parikh, chairman of Parikh Worldwide Media and ITV Gold at the FISANA event in New Jersey October 2022. Photo ITV Gold

In his address to the gathering, Dr. Parikh emphasized philanthropy as a way to get happiness. “The best thing to do in life is to give – it brings double pleasure – for the one who gives and the one who receives. That’s the reason, even though I am a doctor, I started in media – because that is the only way to connect our 2nd and 3rd generations to Mother India,” he said, adding, “Media and communications is my philanthropic work. So anyone of you who would like to use that platform – it is your platform. You can always count on us and on me. Happy Diwali and Saal Mubarak. Happy New Year.”

Several attendees spoke to ITV Gold during the event which included dinner and entertainment.

Some political candidates also attended and introduced themselves.

Joyce Mehta speaking at the FISANA Diwali event held recently in October 2022. Photo ITV Gold

Joyce Mehta, president of the South Brunswick Board of Education, was effusive in her praise for the event and the Indian-American community. “What a spectacular event!… singing, good food …,” she enthused. “Hundreds and hundreds of people, seniors, doing garba. I could not be prouder of the Indian community – how far we have come. Proud of the impact we have had on the community at large. Proud of our accomplishments,” Mehta said to ITV Gold.

“This is a remarkable night,” said Dipak Shah, head of FISANA, a night when both Diwali and the 75th anniversary of India’s independence were being celebrated together.”

A section of the audience at the FISANA Diwali celebrations in New Jersey, held in October at Royal Albert’s Palace in Fords, NJ. Photo: ITV Gold

Piyush Patel, past president of FISANA, noted that the seniors’ organization currently has 10,000 members. “The spirit here is very high. Everybody is very enthusiastic.”

Dr. Mukund Thakkar, vice chair of FISANA, wished everyone present a Happy New Year and Happy Diwali.

Consul from the Indian Consulate in New York, Vijay Krishna, thanked FISANA for inviting him. He praised the senior generation for building U.S.-India relations. “All of these seniors are young at heart, and have a lot in common with the younger generation. The future generation is carrying forward the U.S.-India relations.”

Rashmikant Kamdar, another FISANA member, praised the organization for its achievements, and complimented the current president Dipak Shah for working hard to continue strengthening the organization.



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