Indian American professor at Princeton to receive $100K for research project

Prateek Mittal (Courtesy:

Prateek Mittal, an Indian American professor of electrical engineering at Princeton University, was chosen by Princeton University’s IP Accelerator Fund for his research-stage technology, according to a university press release.

Mittal will teaming up with Mung Chiang, a visiting research scholar in electrical engineering, to come up with a plug-in device that adds internet-connectivity to existing vehicles, according to the press release.

The device, known as SmartCore, will bring in programmability along with connectivity to existing cars, transforming them into Wi-Fi enhanced smart vehicles, with the added protection of security and privacy.

According to the Princeton University School of Engineering and Applied Sciences’ website, Mittal and Chiang say that “SmartCore will improve the driving experience, user safety and in-car communications by extending the benefits of internet connectivity to all vehicles.”

“This year’s innovations include an exciting and diverse selection of technologies, and provide a snapshot into the breadth of research going on at Princeton. These grants makes it far more likely that these projects will receive additional downstream development funding, thus dramatically increasing the probability that a particular technology will make it to the marketplace and benefit society,” said John Ritter, the director of Technology Licensing at Princeton University.

Mittal and Chiang will also receive up to $100,000 to complete the project.



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