Indian American organization in California receives community service award


California state assembly Member Kansen Chu recognized the Indian American-founded Global Organized Community Service, as a Community Hero 2018, for its selfless services to the community.

The Global Organized Community Service was founded by Indian Americans Ajay Bhutoria and Vinita Bhutoria, to help people in need in the local communities.

Last year Ajay also received the Lifetime Presidential Gold Medal award from President Barack Obama for his community services.

Ajay started Global Organized Community Service six years ago when he saw homeless people on streets in downtown San Jose and decided to feed them a home cooked meal every Sunday.

The program went from feeding 30 homeless people six years ago to more than 300 today as Ajay and Vinita have been do this every week for those six years, according to a press release.

Every weekend volunteers pick up hot lunches early in the morning.

These meals are cooked by certified cooks and the menu varies every week, like rice, lentils, vegetables curry, bread, pizza, fruits, juices and water.

The organization has served more than 72,500 meals in the last six years.

Homeless people are also provided with daily necessities such as toothpaste, slippers, shaving cream, medicines, umbrellas, raincoats and more.

“More than 300 people are eagerly waiting in line not just to receive food but to meet Ajay and Vinita, who treat them with love and compassion,” a press release stated.

The organization also provides them with shelter, remedial services and work opportunities.

Along with serving more than 72,500 meals in the last six years, the organization has donated and distributed 5,000 pieces of clothing in the last five years and helped over 20 people find jobs.

“One of our missions is to help the un-housed, homeless and those at-risk in rebuilding their lives by helping them overcome the critical issues of homelessness and poverty in and around our cities in Bay area,” the press release stated.

Global Organized Community Service also provides other kinds of opportunities for kids, youth and adults such as financial assistance and counseling.



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