Indian American man missing in Georgia

Alvin Ahmed (Courtesy: Facebook)

An Indian American man, Alvin Ahmed, 25, has been reported missing since last week.

According to multiple news reports, Ahmed was last seen on Monday, July 16 at a grocery store in Loganville, Georgia at around 9:15 p.m. after his shift at a Publix pharmacy.

According to police, Ahmed’s car was still in the store’s parking lot and was unlocked, and appeared to be rummaged through.

“The groceries were in the car, the white coat he wears was thrown in the back and the glove box was open,” Lt. David Hunt of the Loganville police told WSBTV.

According to a Facebook post from his older brother Kalvin, Ahmed graduated early from UGA and went to pharmacy school; he was supposed to start working as a full-time pharmacist next month.

Ahmed’s brother also said that he believes his brother was abducted because the same day before 5 p.m., “Alvin was allegedly approached by a group of young men walking down U.S. 78 who asked him about his Honda Civic and ‘how much you make.’”

Though he is “hoping that it was just some random thing, that it was just kids being dumb and it’s unrelated” as Ahmed did not confront them and told his supervisors that it had happened for the first time.

Two days after Ahmed went missing, a body was found in nearby Lake Carlton but due to the level of decomposition, it was unidentifiable, according to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Yet, FOX has reported that results of an autopsy in which dental records were used to identify the body have come back inconclusive thus officials are not able to confirm whether the body is that of Ahmed though have admitted that the time-frame fits his disappearance.

A vigil was held by the community on Friday in hopes to find Ahmed alive and unharmed.



  1. He is not Indian, he is Bangladeshi-American. He was an accomplished, handsome, and most importantly very kind young man, who was loved by everyone. His disappearance is a devastating loss for his family and the community of a Loganville.


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