Indian American from Texas is running for county judge

Juli Mathew

Indian American Democrat Juli Mathew, 41, of Texas has announced her candidacy for county judge in Fort Bend, Texas including the districts of Sugarland, Missouri City and Stafford, Texas.

Mathew believes that she can do better than many in the judiciary in Fort Bend because she has an unbiased outlook with no judicial legacy and added that it seemed odd that although minorities account for about half of the population in the county, no one has never been an elected minority judge.

“I believe in being fair while upholding our Constitution, state, and local rules also, the current judges in office are relatives or sons of previous judges or relatives of other office holders in the county and this didn’t sit well with me,” she said.

She also acknowledged the fact that there have been a few judges of Indian-American descent like Ravi Sandill of the 127th District Court in Harris County, Texas, who has announced his candidacy for the Supreme Court of Texas, Place 4.

“I believe more and more people from the community should come forward to join the judiciary. Apart from the fact, that it gives better visibility to the community, it will also serve as an example to the young generation that someday they can also aspire to become elected to public offices. They would realize that with hard work and a dream, almost everything is possible in this country,” she added.

Although a Chinese-American candidate and an African-American are running against her on the Republican side, Mathew hopes that the county turns blue just like they did in the last presidential election for Hillary Clinton.

“I think if the Indian-Americans and the minority voters come forward to vote for me, I may become the first elected Indian-American judge from Fort Bend,” she stated.

Mathew is from Kerala and has received her juris doctorate from Widener Law School in Delaware, has been practicing law in Fort Bend, Texas since 2002 and will be participating in the primary on March 6, 2018.



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