Indian American family’s fence set on fire by the homeless


The Indian American family of Inderjeet Singh, was forced to temporarily abandon their home in San Jose, California after dwellers in a homeless encampment set fire to the house.

Singh told KRON4 news that he tried to put out the flames which fumed along their fence line, with water.

According to the report, three sections of the fence were burned down in the incident.

Singh said that him and his wife Gagan, fled to their car with their nine-month-old baby in hand.

“We just left and stayed in the car for about two to three hours. It was a scary moment for us,” Singh told KRON4.

“I was really worried about my baby because we got her after nine years of struggle and she’s really precious for us,” Singh’s wife Gagan added.

According to KRON4, a video clip shows a person pouring propane onto the refuse in the encampment, which is situated in an alley behind Singh’s home.

Although the property is owned, city officials have not managed to contact the owner to clear out homeless people from the site.

KRON4 frurther reports that homelessness in San Jose is on the rise, as the average rent of a one-bedroom apartment, lists for $2,600 a month and the median home price averages out to around $700,000.

According to data from the federally-required biennial “Point-in-Time Homeless Census and Survey,” released by Santa Clara County in June, the homeless population in the county rose by 13 percent from January of last year to January of this year, with a total of 7,394 people.

KRON4 states that the Singhs will have to pay out of pocket for the restoration of their fence line.

At least half a dozen fires have appeared in a similar manner over the past couple of months.



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