Indian American couple opens sandwich franchise in Connecticut


Indian American couple Vidhi Patel and Dr. Chintan Patel opened up the first Connecticut location of Which Wich, across from Yale University’s campus in New Haven.

The Patels officially opened the sandwich shop on Monday, January 14 in a newly developed space right outside of the Yale University’s campus and according to a press release; they are excited to serve the approximately 21,000 students and faculty at the university along with other residents.

Vidhi came to the United States when she was in second grade and her passion for education led her to a career as a teacher while living in Georgia, however she was constantly drawn to the business world and even owned and managed a variety of hotels with her father during college.

The couple was introduced to Which Wich when they were in Augusta, Georgia and after speaking to the owner; they decided to explore the franchise opportunity and met with members of the corporate team in Dallas, Texas.

Two years ago, the couple moved to Connecticut when Chintan got a job with a local pharmaceutical company and that is when Vidhi decided that she wanted to invest and become a Which Wich franchisee.

“I am absolutely in love with Which Wich because it’s fairly new, up and coming. The timing could not be more perfect for me right now to start my own business. Before, due to my husbands’ job, we were very unsure as to which state we were going to settle in,” Vidhi is quoted saying in a press release. “He was offered a scientist position at a pharmaceutical company in New Haven, which he loves. We have moved to New Haven, and this is our home now!”

The Patels have signed to open two Which Wich locations and will be looking at potential locations for a second sandwich shop in the state.

With this, Which Wich sees tremendous opportunity to grow throughout Connecticut and hopes to open 20 to 30 more locations in the state.



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