Illinois Governor designates June 25, 2024, as Indian-American Veterans Appreciation Day


The Governor of Illinois, J.B. Pritzker, officially designated June 25, 2024, as Indian-American Veterans Appreciation Day. The designation aims at honoring the service of Indian-American veterans and acknowledge their contributions across various sectors in the United States.

The Indo-American Veterans Organization (IAVO.US), which led the initiative, was founded in 2021, by Chris Aryan, and according to a press release, it is committed to recognizing the sacrifices made by Indian-American veterans.

Chris Aryan. PHOTO: IAVO

“Our mission is to pay tribute to these brave individuals who have served with distinction in the United States Military,” the press release said. The vision of IAVO is to establish a Museum dedicated to the valor and achievements of Indian-American veterans; and to become a nationally recognized institution that embodies the spirit and history of Indian-American military service.

Aryan, a U.S. Military veteran, says in the press release, “This organization is unprecedented in American history. As the inaugural institution of its kind, we stand at the dawn of a new chapter. We seek the community’s support to bring this vision to life. Every contribution propels us closer to establishing the IAVO Museum in Chicago, a testament to our veterans’ legacy.”

The non-partisan, non-political IAVO, which is located in Little India on Devon Ave., in Chicago, also thanked the Consul General of India in Chicago, Somnath Ghosh, for his supportive correspondence to Governor Pritzker, acknowledging this momentous proclamation.



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