HOROSCOPE THIS WEEK by Dr. Prem Kumar Sharma


(March 21-April 20)
Your helping hand may not be openly appreciated, but will be acknowledged in other ways. Family affairs will be well taken care of. A social gathering may act as a platform for matchmaking for some. This is a good time to turn mutual attraction, nurtured for long with someone, into a full-fledged romance. Someone’s invitation may persuade you to pack your bags and undertake the journey. A long drive may prove most exhilarating.
Lucky No.: 4
Lucky Colour: Dark Blue

(April 21-May 20)
Don’t react to others at work, but do your thing with conviction and you won’t go wrong. You will find your reputation soar on the social front. Your optimism is likely to be infectious and motivate others to put in their bit at work. Romance is likely to take a serious turn as you strengthen your commitment towards the one you love. You will consciously decide to save money rather than splurge it on meaningless pursuits.
Lucky No.: 17
Lucky Colour: Light Grey

(May 21-June 21)
You will manage to keep a positive outlook, despite anger building up inside over someone or something. Those in the marketing field may have to plan things much in advance. Mounting competition may force some retailers to rethink their strategy. Some of you may strive to find the best investment schemes to park your money. You will have to find time for a family elder. Property owners may think on the lines of disposing of their property.
Lucky No.: 1
Lucky Colour: Pink

(June 22-July 22)
Getting trapped in a vicious circle on the medical front cannot be ruled out for some. You will find things not working the way you want them in your occupation. Those fearful for their jobs will need to keep on their toes, as the future appears blurred. You will need to make conscious efforts to keep tensions away at home. Financially, you may not manage your money well and experience cash crunch. A journey may get cancelled.
Lucky No.: 4
Lucky Colour: Electric Blue

(July 23-August 23)
You may be made responsible for something important at work. Those training hard will find a sea change in their figure. Diet control will be the key to good health. You may not like someone’s attitude towards you on the social front, but it is better not to take the path of confrontation at this juncture. You may be given a choice of investments, but choose only after consulting someone having financial knowhow. Lover may seek space.
Lucky No.: 11
Lucky Colour: Silver

(August 24-September 23)
A competitive situation may find you in your element and you are likely to come out victorious. You will succeed in winning over the one you desire. Marriage is on the anvil for the eligible. There is a great opportunity on the horizon for those involved in any kind of business. You are likely to give a good account of yourself on the academic front. Self-grooming may take precedence over other things, as you land a dream date!
Lucky No.: 3
Lucky Colour: Purple

(September 24-October 23)
You may have to be quick in completing something on the academic front, so don’t lose your focus. Domestic engagements are likely to keep you busy. Some of you may be planning an official trip abroad. Prioritizing work to speed up progress at work is the need of the hour. Some of you may be looking to hire some suitable candidates for your organization. A family youngster may need your help in completing a task.
Lucky No.: 22
Lucky Colour: Royal Blue

(October 24-November 22)
You will manage to take the necessary steps to start something new. A sentimental item given up for lost is likely to make a miraculous appearance. Things move according to plans on the professional front. Your exhaustive briefing at work is bound to minimize mistakes by subordinates. You will find extra energy to cater to additional domestic chores. Some of you are likely to fall in love with a childhood sweetheart. Good company will make a long journey fun.
Lucky No.: 9
Lucky Colour: Golden Brown

(November 23-December 21)
This is not the time to relax, as you are likely to miss out on some excellent opportunities. Interruptions may put paid to your desire for spending time pursuing a hobby or your favourite pastime. Romantic thoughts are likely to flood your mind, but may not amount to much in the absence of partner! Travelling in a group is foreseen and will have its own hassles. Additional work may make you stay extra hours at office.
Lucky No.: 1
Lucky Colour: Peach

(December 22-January 21)
You will have to boost your income, if you don’t want to face financial constraints. There is an outside chance of your getting detailed on a challenging assignment or mission that you wanted to avoid. Those lagging behind in studies may have to burn the midnight oil to catch up. Someone coming over is likely to upset your personal plans. Someone in the family may need disciplining, but don’t be too harsh. Neglecting health needs to be guarded against.
Lucky No.: 6
Lucky Colour: Rosy Brown

(January 22-February 19)
All your hard work and late nights in the office are finally going to pay and how! Excellent showing on the academic front is indicated and will make you the front runner. A chance to do up the interiors and renovate the house materialises. Romantic mood prevails, so expect a scintillating time with lover. Much fun is in store for you on a trip you had been postponing for long. You are likely to own property soon.
Lucky No.: 2
Lucky Colour: Peach

(February 20-March 20)
This is the best opportunity to delegate work, especially if you are taking leave. A competitor on the academic front may give a run for your money, if you give the chance. Some of you are likely to be swept off your feet by a smooth talker and spend more on something than required. Although you have been given a free hand in financial matters, remain judicious in your spending. An old ailment will be tackled successfully.
Lucky No.: 5
Lucky Colour: All Shades of Green



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