Health Fair held at Mahatma Gandhi Center in St. Louis


NEW YORK – A Health Fair was held at Mahatma Gandhi Center in St. Louis, Missouri, on Saturday, May 5, which was sponsored by the Hindu temple of St. Louis and the Mahatma Gandhi Center.

Over 25 dedicated Indian-origin physicians, specialists and supported technicians from SSM health care, along with over 20 service-oriented and youth volunteers from the temple, provided a medical check up to those couldn’t afford it.

“We had 289 participants and over 100 people had laboratory tests done. It gives us immense satisfaction when we work hard and achieve desired results. The extraordinary service provided by SSM Health services contributed greatly to the successful completion of the event,” said Dr. G.V. Naidu, of the Temple Humanitarian committee.

The health fair provided a total of 75 orthopedic check-ups, 40 EKGs, 90 eye check-ups and 30 audiology check-ups, it also featured and a few pediatric check-ups, stress management seminars and an increasing number of registrations.

Services which were offered included: general physical exams; basic screening lab tests like cholesterol, sugar levels, PSA and hemoglobin; EKGs; bone density measurements; dental checkups; eye checkups; vital data such as height, weight, blood pressure, pulse, and blood sugar testing with diabetes consultation, according to a press release.

Snacks, lunch and drinks were provided to doctors, technicians and volunteers by Hindu temple and Haveli & Mayuri restaurant.



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