Hamare Baarah press-con addresses issues pertaining to film

The Hamare Baarah team. Ankita Dwivedi, who plays the center-point of the plot, is in the center, wearing yellow. Photo: Video Grab

Almost the entire team of the film, director Kamal Chandra, writer Rajan Agarwal, lead artiste Annu Kapoor, Rahul Bagga, Paritosh Tripathi, Aditi Bhatpahri, Ankita Dwivedi and others, besides the producers, were present at a press conference held for the much-maligned film, Hamare Baarah.

The film’s release dates have been delayed thrice as a case filed against it was fought at the Bombay High Court and in the Supreme Court, Delhi. The team also faced rape and death threats from hardliners and wished to speak from their hearts to the media, not all of which was friendly or sympathetic. In fact, a considerable proportion had not even watched the film and only gone by what they had seen in the trailer.

As one of the producers said, “Our film is about gender equality, and that holds true for all religions. In nine of 10 houses even now, it is the woman who makes something as simple as the morning tea. Women need respect and equality. On the other hand, not only do excessive children add to the population of the country but often the fathers do not even remember the names of their own children!”

“When we first planned the film in August 2022, the situation was as it is quite bad, but now we have left China far behind in population!” added Kamal Chandra.

Writer Rajan Agarwal stated that the dialogues of the film were completely in context and justified the story, even the references to Islam, the Koran and so on. “There was nothing done to sensationalize!” he stated, adding that the judge in the case had in fact lavished praise on the movie and stated that this was a film that you could not watch leaving your brains at home.

Annu Kapoor tried to often lighten the proceedings and even said that he and the team had agreed to do the film as it was a part of their rozi roti (daily bread) and all that he had looked for was a good script and filmmakers. “I also earned money, which I should from every film, and if a producer has spent Rs. 10 on making a film, he should earn in multiples!” He added that the Muslim element was largely irrelevant as he was personally an atheist. “Mazhabi bahas maine ki nahin / Itni akal mujh mein thi nahin (I never argued about religion, as I did not have that much common sense)!” he stated.

Actress Aditi reminded the media that it would be foolish to generalize anything as any house could have such a situation. “Women are often made to become pregnant and deliver against their will!” she said. Ankita, who played Annu Kapoor’s wife Rukhsar, stated that in many houses, irrespective of the religion, women were controlled by men. “I did not agree with my character’s actions at all, but women often have no choice!” she stated.




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