Gujarati Literary Academy of North America hosts evening of Meera songs

Well-known Gujarati singer Nitin Devka accompanied by local performers and musicians, at the June 29, 2024, event celebrating the songs of Meera, at ITV Gold auditorium in Edison, NJ. Also seen in photo at extreme left is Ashish Desai, president of the Gujarati Literary Academy of North America. PHOTOS: ITV Gold

The Gujarati Literary Academy of North America which is dedicated to promoting Gujarati literature and culture, recently hosted an event celebrating the timeless songs written by and about the revered woman-poet Meera.

Held on June 29, 2024 at the ITV Gold auditorium in Edison, NJ, the event featured the renowned artist Nitin Devka, who engaged the audience with his soulful renditions.

He was accompanied by local talents Darshana Jhala, Trupti Parikh, and Anju Shah. The rhythmic accompaniment was provided by Ramesh Bapodara, with additional support from Brij Joshi and Jayesh Saraiya.

Attended by approximately 100 people, the event was also broadcast live on Zoom, allowing a wider audience to listen in on the musical celebration.

Nitin Devka and Darshana Jhala singing Meera songs at the June 29, 2024, event at ITV Gold auditorium in Edison, NJ.

The evening began 5 PM with a warm welcome from President Ashish Desai, who invited Gini Malaviya to introduce the master of ceremonies, Babubhai Suthar.

The program commenced with two songs by  Devka: “Nitya Nitya Bhajiye Taaru Naam” and “Ranaji Ne Kejo Phari Zher Mokle.”

“This set the tone for an evening filled with devotion and serenity,” organizers said in the press release.

Jhala followed, performing the spiritual melody “Govindo Praan Amaro.”

Devka continued with “Karm No Sangaathi” and “Mohe Laagi Lagan,” followed by a beautiful rendition of “Mane Chaakar Rakho Ji!” by Trupti Parikh and Anju Shah.

Classic songs such as “Aesi Laagi Lagan” and “Kona Re Malaja Ame Kariye,” performed by Devka, resonated deeply with the audience.

Local singer Darshana Jhala accompanied by Trupti Parikh, and Anju Shah at the June 29, 2024, evening of Meera songs, at ITV Gold auditorium.

A highlight of the evening was Jhala’s performance of “Jai Jai Shri Krishnachandra Nandke Dulaare,” which was so well-received that she performed an encore. Devka then sang “Juno To Thayu Re Deval” and “Aatma Ne Olakhiyavina Re,” followed by a duet with Jhala, “Mara Ghat Ma Birajta Shrinathji, Jamunaji Mahaprabhuji.”

The evening concluded at 7 PM with Desai’s closing remarks in which he thanked Dr. Sudhir Parikh, chairman of Parikh Worldwide Media which owns ITV Gold, and Ilayas Quraishi, COO.



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