General Council of FIA Chicago-1980 meets, introduces new leadership

022 Executive Committee of FIA Chicago-1980. Photo: courtesy FIA Chciago-1980

The General Counsel of the Federation of Indian Associations (FIA Chicago 1980) met the week of Dec. 21, 2021, and discussed accomplishments the year 2021.

The conclusion reached was that despite the pandemic and COVID challenges, it was a successful year, a press release from FIA Chicago 1980 said.  The FIA worked hard and was able to re energize the vibrant Indian community and add new organizations and individuals. The newly elected president Rakesh Malhotra thanked the outgoing president Raj Patel and his team, outlined the priorities, and provided a road map for the year 2022.

The general counsel also moved change the bylaws to make the organization more inclusive. In addition,

three members Bylaws committee was formed to review the bylaws, their relevance and provide clarity of bylaws governing FIA the press release noted

The Election Committee completed the process of electing the 2022 President and executive team. The election was held for the Executive Board, active trustees, honorable trustees, Directors, and delegates for the year 2022.

Bhailal Patel and the election committee announced the names of the new team. The following are names and positions:

Executive Committee: Rakesh Malhotra-President, Hemant Patel-Executive Vice President, Jayesh Patel-Vice-President Finance, Amar Upadhyay-Vice President Membership, Amitabh Mittal-Vice-President Arts and Culture, Jatinder Bedi-Secretary, Chirag Chavda-Joint Secretary, Vijender Doma-Treasurer, Nirmala Reddy-Joint Treasurer, Rajesh Patel (immediate Past President) -Ex-Officio.

Board of Directors: Nirav Patel, Ashok Shah, Chirayau Parikh, Kaushik Joshi, Rohit Joshi, Shailesh Rajput, Satheesan Nair, Tribhuvan Gaur, Anica Debay.

Board of Trustees (Active): Niranjan Shah, Anil Pillai,Dr. Bharat Barai, Bhailal Patel, Kanti S Patel, Prahlal Patil, Sohan Joshi, Harish Bhatt, Babu Marsha Patel, Iftekhar Shareef, Satish Gabhawala, Hina Trivedi, Minhaj Akhtar, Kanti N Patel.

“Thank you very much for the trust and support you have given me. I would first like to thank the outgoing President Raj Patel and his team for their hard work and efforts during the past year,” said newly elected FIA Chicago President Rakesh Malhotra in his opening remarks to General Council and Trustees. “Our priority will be to work diligently on the principles of trust, transparency, and teamwork and will make all possible efforts to connect with community in a meaningful way.  Making FIA financially independent will be among our top priorities for which we shall undertake extensive membership drive seek collaboration from member organizations,” Malhotra added, extending his gratitude to those named to office.

Outlining 2022 priorities Malhotra said, through collaboration, the FIA will undertake initiatives to improve U.S-India trade relations and explore more avenues and opportunities for its members. He said, he will reach out to several organizations to seek their support and cooperation to create awareness about Indian art, culture, and tourism among the younger generation. FIA will organize webinars and seminars on multiple topics affecting health, wellness, world peace, economy etc.

Considering the ongoing pandemic, the Republic Day 2022 function will be held as a hybrid physical online celebration and details of the program will be made available soon said Hemant Patel ,the executive vice president.

Rakesh Malhotra is a successful entrepreneur and community leader “with proven track record of high integrity, honesty and talent for providing vision, build organization’s capabilities, relationships, develop team of leaders to grow the organization,” the press release said.

Malhotra is also an author, and poet, and has lived in Chicago for the last seventeen years with his wife Dr. Sunita Malhotra. His son Madhur is a computer engineer.  Malhotra’s book, ​​”Adventures of Tornado Kids” is a 5-star rated book on Amazon, the press release said. He is actively involved in community work and helps the Hindi Coordination Committee formed by the Consulate General of India in Chicago to promote Hindi language and culture.



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