Former CEO Parimal Mehta pleads guilty in bribery ploy


Former Indian American CEO of FutureNet Group Inc., Parimal D. Mehta, 54, has pleaded guilty in a bribery ploy.

According to a NDTV report, Mehta made multiple cash payments worth more than $6,500 to the former Director of Detroit’s Office of Departmental Technology Services, Charles Dodd, between 2009 and 2016.

These payments include two cash bribes hand-delivered to Dodd, from Mehta in the restrooms of restaurants in the Detroit area in 2016, for which Mehta wanted preferential treatment for FutureNet.

Mehta is also alleged to have employed Dodd’s family members at FutureNet and its subsidiaries as well as obtaining other confidential information about Detroit’s internal budgets for specific technology projects, which would benefit FutureNet in its dealings with Detroit, according to a Click on Detroit report.

Mehta pleaded guilty to one count of federal program bribery and is expected to be sentenced on September 27.



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