Five women honored at Indian American Forum Gala

Aarti Doshi, Aditi Patil,Pinky Rangi, Rajan Rangi, Dr Isha Mehta, Laura Curran,Reema Rasool, Ananga ManjariMalatesta Gonzalez, Indu Jaiswal and Shammi Singh

NEW YORK – Five Indian American women were honored with an Achievement Award by Nassau County Executive Laura Curran at the Indian American Forum Gala at Antuns by Minar in Hicksville, New York, on March 22.

Pinky Rangi, Dr. Isha Mehta, Nami Kaur, Reema Rasool and Ananga Manjari Malatesta Gonzalez were honored for their outstanding achievements within the community, according to a press release.

Indu Jaiswal, Dr Bhupendra R Patel, Ravi Batra, Pinky Rangi, Mr Rajan Rangi, Kamal Dandona, Ranju Batra, Satbir Singh Bedi and Chanbir Kaur

Curran lauded the honorees for their achievements and hoped many more women will come forward to play significant role in the county.

Curran also spoke of the many opportunities that were available to women in Nassau County.

Shammi Singh, Dr Shama Rasool, Indu Jaiswal, Reema Rasool and Dr Ayaz Rasool

The gala was attended by a couple of local politicians and officials and attracted a large number of community members, leaders and presidents of various organizations.

Those who addressed the gathering included IAF founder Bobby Kumar Kalotee, IAF chair Indu Jaiswal, IAF PR chair Mohinder Taneja and Gala Chair Shammi Singh.

Roopam Maini, Dr Nutan Anand, Dr Isha Mehta, Mr Rizwan Qureshi, Indu Jaiswal, Satbir Singh Bedi and Chanbir Kaur


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