FIA Chicago (1980) condemns act of hate on Indian- Americans in Texas

A pictorial depiction of rising hate crimes against Asian Americans. Facebook Photo: Clara Lionel Foundation established by Rihanna

The Federation of Indian Associations Chicago (Estd 1980), in a statement issued Aug. 29, 2022, said it condemns the racially motivated physical and verbal assault on a group of Indian American women in Texas, a video of which went viral August 24, 2022. The perpetrator of the assault, Esmeralda Upton, who identified herself as Mexican-American, has since been arrested by police and charged.

“The attack is yet another disgraceful anti-Asian hate crime that has shattered the sense of safety amongst Indian Americans across the United States,” the organization said, urging law enforcement agencies to protect the community and aggressively pursue these acts as hate crimes “as a deterrent to others who choose to act on their irrational hatred for other people who differ from them in any way.  No one should be targeted because of who they are or where they are from.”

The organization said it goes against the principles of “Vasudhaiv Kutumbakam” that the entire world is one family, adding that it “tears apart the fabric of brotherhood, and questions the society that ideally treats everyone equally.”

These events demonstrate the necessity of working together as a community and demonstrating solidarity to help each other, Rakesh Malhotra, president of the organization is quoted saying in the press release. He urged members of the Indian American community to be united and report acts motivated by hate “without any fear so that law enforcement can address civil rights violations, as well as hate and bias incidents.” Failure to respond to hate crimes may jeopardize public safety, it added, and praised the Indian-American community for its achievements and contributions to this country.



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