Engineers launch charity wing at holiday celebration in Chicago

AAEIO of Chicago conducted a ribbon-cutting ceremony during its holiday party recently, to launch a Charity wing that will help needy students from India to study in the U.S. Photo: courtesy AAEIO

The American Association of Engineers of Indian Origin, based in Chicago, inaugurated a charity wing at their recent holiday party.

India’s Consul General in Chicago Somnath Ghosh, left, gesturing while speaking at the recent holiday celebration of Indian origin engineers in Chicago. Photo: AAEIO

Consul General of India in Chicago Somnath Ghosh and Congressman Raja Krishnamoorthi, D-Ill., inaugurated the new entity in a ribbon-cutting ceremony. This event was organized by AAEIO and Pan IIT Midwest, a press release from AAEIO said.

In his opening remarks AAEIO President Gladson Varghese highlighted the 4 pillars of the organization – Education and mentorship, Professional opportunities, Entrepreneurial Network, and Charity.

President of AAEIO Gladson Varghese, speaking at the recent holiday event of the organization, held in Chicago. Photo: AAEIO

“We are very excited to inaugurate the Charity wing of this organization. Initially the fund will be used to help the needy and bright Engineering students at India and United States,” Varghese said. He urged several businesses and individuals to contribute towards this cause.

Consul General Ghosh applauded the Charity initiative and requested AAEIO to add more chapters in the Midwest region. As an IIT Kanpur graduate, he offered his full support for AAEIO. Ta

Rep. Krishnamoorthi, who is a Mechanical Engineering graduate from Princeton University congratulated AAEIO for its  accomplishments and the most recent initiative to help engineering students in need. He hoped the organization can expand the charity activities to other areas as well.

U.S. Congressman Raja Krishnamoorthi, D-Illinois, speaking at the recent holiday celebrations of engineers of Indian origin held in Chicago. Photo: AAEIO

Co-Chairman of this Charity wing and former Engineering Dean of Northern Illinois University, Dr. Promod Vohra, shared his experience in raising funds to help students coming for higher studies from a low income background. Pan Oceanic Engineering CEO and AAEIO Board member Gulzar Singh will serve as the Chairman of this Charity wing to raise funds along with other Board members.

Pan IIT Midwest President Ray Mehra and Vice President of AAEIO Nitin Maheshwari, Board members Brij Sharma, Gordhan Patel, Alli Dhanaraj, Vinoz Chanamolu also shared their vision and offered their support for the initiative.

Board Member and Webinar Chairman of AAEIO  Rajinder Singh Mago noted AAEIO’s  plan for Webinars for the year 2023. Those held in 2022 were a huge success, with approximately 600 participants registered from both India and United states.

Northwestern University’s Program Director of Masters in Engineering Management Dr. Mark Werwath highlighted how engineering students of Northwestern and AAEIO can work together in various ways including holding a Job Fair and other activities.

The holiday celebrations were not all business. Those present enjoy some singing and dancing at the event as well as a festive dinner. Praveen Jaligama led the entertainment.



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