Education NGO Pratham USA, appeals for donations to India Covid relief

Volunteers of Pratham, an education non-profit, which has launched a Pratham Covid Relief Fund to help India in current crisis. Photo courtesy Pratham donation site!/donation/checkout

Pratham USA, which works in thousands of schools in India through its Indian based charity, has launched a Pratham Covid Relief Fund (PCRF) appealing to donors to help the homeland confront “one of the largest humanitarian crises of our time.”

The PCRF is aimed at providing essential supplies and services in communities being ravaged by the second wave of the pandemic. “Your donation will be matched dollar-for-dollar by the Vijay and Marie Goradia Charitable Foundation,” Pratham says on its donation link.

As one of India’s leading education NGOs, with operations in 21 states and 10,000 communities, Pratham points to its history of mobilizing resources and people effectively all across India.

“Your tax-deductible donation to Pratham will provide immediate humanitarian aid to communities devastated by India’s COVID-19 crisis. We are mobilizing oxygen concentrators, rapid tests, vaccines, personal protective equipment, and other urgent aid to as many people as possible. With your support, we can assist in the relief and recovery efforts and, together, build back from this crisis,” Pratham ( says.

Specifically, Pratham’s plan includes:

  • Securing and delivering oxygen concentrators as well as rapid tests, vaccines, and personal protective equipment (PPE) to Indian hospitals and care centers.
  • Exploring the conversion of Pratham vocational training centers and district offices into alternate facilities for Covid treatment.
  • Coordinating field response teams to aid in the distribution of supplies and ensuring relevant and timely dissemination of accurate information in regional languages.

It will undoubtedly take time to recover and build back from this crisis, Pratham acknowledges.




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