Dumb Charades app Sahi Pakde Hai available on Android, iOS


NEW YORK – Who doesn’t love playing Dumb Charades? This fun game played at parties and get – togethers, where people would pick out a piece of paper from a bowl and act out the word written on it, is now available as an app.

Civil Engineer, Samrudhdi Suresh who is the Lead of Product Strategy at Uptake in Chicago, invented the Dumb Charade App called Sahi Pakde Hai and it is the only dumb charade app specifically catered to the Indian community.

Once a player selects a category a word appears on the screen. With the phone on their forehead, someone acts out or describes the word that is displayed and the goal is to guess as many words correct as possible within one minute. Players will then tilt the phone either up or down depending on the accuracy of the answer.

Some of these categories include “Sirf Hindi Me Bol” in which the player has to explain an English word in Hindi and “Lights Camera Action,” where the player acts out the action word that is displayed on the screen. The app also has a video component to it where the phone camera captures a video of the player describing or acting out the words or the movies on the screen.

Samrudhdi Suresh

Samrudhdi released the app last year after three months of planning and testing and was only available in the Android Play Store. Since then, its number of users has increased from 15,000 in December to over 50,000 today. The app also has a rating of 4.2 out of 5 stars in the Play Store and even though it is free, it does contain in-app purchases.

With its recent launch in the iOS system last month Samrudhdi plans to market the app by promoting in on Facebook and other social media websites, since the average age of a user is between 16-35 years. She also wants to add more categories and content over the next few months with the hope of adding more variety by the end of next year.

As most of the app users are in India, Samrudhdi wants to also use video marketing to promote the app in the U.S., although word-of-mouth is more popular.

“Building an amazing user-friendly product is, of course, a very challenging project, but just building a solid product is not the end game. I think a bigger challenge for me is to market it and reach to all the potential users out there. As I live in the US and the majority of my users are in India, it is challenging for me to reach out to them directly. Social media has been a great channel so far. My Facebook page has been getting good engagement where I post videos of people playing the app,” said Samrudhdi.

It was Samrudhdi’s difficulty to detach from her Indian roots along with her childhood and upbringing that helped her develop the app and made her the person she is today. “I wanted to develop a game app for the Indian market and covered all Indian cultural aspects,” she explained.

“It really excites me that the product I created with so much passion is actually being used and enjoyed by the people in India and it has grown so much through word of mouth,” Samrudhdi added.

Samrudhdi has experience in product management, project management and marketing & strategy functions not only in the United States but in Spain and India as well and has contributed to two world-class projects: the Apple Campus 2 and the Sea Link Project in Mumbai.

“Having lived in several countries and with diverse groups of people, I feel that no way is right or wrong. People have their beliefs and ways of life. Every person is a distinct individual and should be treated that way. I love living my own way, making my own choices and decisions and I feel that people should respect each other’s choices and differences,” she said.

Samrudhdi has an MBA from IESE Business School in Barcelona, Spain, a Masters degree in Construction Engineering from Penn State University and a Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering from Nagpur University in India.

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