Dr. Suresh Reddy picks up key endorsements in race for Trustee of Oak Brook, Illinois


Dr. Suresh Reddy, former president of the American Association of Physicians of Indian Origin, who is running for the position of Trustee of Oak Book, Illinois, picked up some important endorsements recently.

Above and below – Dr. Suresh Reddy, candidate for Trustee of Oak Brook, Illinois, poses with supporters, the Mayor of Oak Brook, Dr. Gopal Lalmalani, and Trustee Moin Saiyed among others. Photo: courtesy Dr. Suresh Reddy.

In a press release March 29, 2021, Reddy announced that several key leaders of Oak Brook, a suburb of Chicago, including the sitting mayor and members of the governing body expressed their support of his candidacy.

Six candidates are contesting the three open seats for Trustee on Election Day April 6, 2021.

The present Mayor of Oak Brook Dr. Gopal Lalmalani has been strongly supporting Dr. Reddy. And he also picked up the key endorsements of all the sitting Trustees who are not running for this round of the elections, including Trustees Michael Manzo, Asif  Yousuf, Moin Saiyed, and Ed Tiesenga, the press release said.

Dr. Reddy attributes his ability to bring people together to his childhood and youth experiences in Hyderabad in Southern India.

According to his press release, Dr. Reddy wanted to do more after serving as leader of the Indian-American physicians’ organization. “I always had a strong passion for bringing a positive outlook and giving back to the community. I got involved in several alumni activities and have facilitated to raise funds to build a million dollar alumni educational center for my Alma Mater,” he is quoted saying in the press release.

Dr. Reddy completed his advanced medical training at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center/Harvard Medical School and has stayed on Harvard Faculty for more than a decade where he had also served as Chief of Interventional Neuroradiology.  Subsequently, Dr. Reddy and family moved to Chicago which has now become his home. “Now that I call Oak Brook my home, I would like to contribute and serve my community by participating in public service,” says Dr. Reddy.




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