Dr. Jayeshkumar Patel appointed President of the Indian Overseas Congress USA Gujarat Chapter

Dr. Jayeshkumar Patel was appointed as the President of the Gujarat chapter of the Indian Overseas Congress USA. Photo: Mohammed Jaffer-SnapsIndia.

The Indian Overseas Congress USA (IOC) inaugurated a new chapter for the state of Gujarat, on April 18, 2019 at Jersey City, New Jersey. Many senior Indian Overseas Congress party leaders from the National Council and various chapter presidents attended the meeting.

Dr. Jayeshkumar Patel was appointed as the President of the Gujarat chapter of the IOC.

Rajendar Dichpally opened the meeting and made brief remarks on the failures of the Modi government.

President Mohinder Singh Gilzian expanded on the same theme and said voters had placed their hopes on Modi’s promises, but the hopes had now been dashed, including the failure in the repatriation of black money and the failure to deposit 15 lakh Rupees in the account of each Indian citizen.

He said that economy of the country was weak and corruption and “goonda-giri” were still present in streets and villages which instilled fear in the people. He also mentioned about the lack of safety of women and the inadequate medical facilities for the sick. Unemployment was high and was inflicting very negative effects on the lives of people, said Gilzian.

Gilzian commended Dr. Patel for his outstanding leadership in the community and the prominent role that he played as a leader in Gujarat and in the Gujarati community in USA. He also expressed great expectations from Dr. Patel so that the Indian Overseas Congress, USA can flourish and develop significantly to meet the standards of efficiency and strength required to succeed in the forthcoming elections.

Dr. Sam Pitroda, Chairman of the Overseas Congress Department of AICC, followed by Himanshu Vyas, Secretary in Charge of Indian Overseas Congress then appeared on video conference and congratulated Dr. Jayeshkumar Patel.

Prominent IOC members leaders who spoke at the meet included Ram Gadula, Kaushik Amin and Harkesh Thakur.





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