Connecticut Congressman says a Biden administration would continue to offer mediation on India-China dispute

Participants at the GOPIO-CT Zoom Interactive Meeting with Congressman Jim Himes (Democrat, CT 4th District) Photo: courtesy GOPIO

Congressman Jim Himes, D-Connecticut, told Indian-Americans at a meeting Oct. 8, 2020, that a Joe Biden-Kamala Harris administration would continue to offer mediation between India and china.

Himes was on a Zoom video conference with members of the Connecticut chapter of the Global Organization of People of Indian Origin, GOPIO.

He called for serious and significant dialogue between two Asian giants, and referred to the offers made by the Trump administration to mediate between India and China, and he hoped that both the nations “accept the offer to mediate by the US Administration,” a press release from GOPIO quoted him saying.


The GOPIO-CT President Ashok Nichani, introduced  Himes as a great supporter of GOPIO and the Indian community. Responding to GOPIO International Chairman Thomas Abraham, PhD., question regarding “US-India Relations in a Democrat Administration especially policy on India-China Border Clashes”, Rep. Hines called on both countries to be “careful with each other” in their approach and not to escalate the situation between the two nuclear weapons nations.

“This is an important opportunity for both the nations to address” and resolve the border tensions. Referring to Joe Biden as someone, whose strength is in Foreign Policy, the Congressman said, “The Joe Biden Administration will continue to offer mediation” between India and China.

Other issues that came up for discussion included the H-1B skilled workers visa and the H-4 spousal visa which is used predominantly by Indians, Rep. Himes pointed to the numerous Presidential orders being challenged in Courts. He hoped that there will be a change, which will be a reversal in status and a return to comprehensive immigration reform.

On the Green Card backlog, Rep. Himes said, attracting skilled laborers is “central to our economy.”  He was not however sure about the Biden policy on ending countrya question, regarding the discussions about the Country-based -based quotas and on whether unused visas by some countries could be used to allow Green Cards to other qualified individuals who are caught in the backlog for Green Card approval.

He called for a new dialogue between the Democrats and Republicans on a comprehensive new immigration policy that addresses the needs of the nation and millions who are awaiting a solution to the challenges. He also indicated that Biden administration would be more immigration friendly.




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