Complaint against IIFA New York organizers

Salman Khan at IIFA Green Carpet. Photo: Peter Ferriera

Dear Media Friends,

I am sure you have a very good insight on majority of what happened at and behind the IIFA New York show and that your coverage will narrate all that. From my perspective, I had a fair amount of doctors and other friends who flew in and bought expensive tickets 1500-5000 dollars and here is their feedback.

    1. The promotional package forwarded to them had Shahrukh Khan, Priyanka Chopra as attending the show along with several Hollywood celebrities, including Matt Damon, Julia Roberts etc. It is hard to resist the temptation of seeing SRK and Salman on the same stage and people bought tickets each costing thousands of dollars. But, the show had none of that. This was a very cleverly done false and fraudulent marketing. Many of these people are exploring possibility of legal recourses in getting their money back, given the false claims and fraudulent marketing. (See the images below.)

  1. The VIP tickets $2500 and above had a pre-event cocktail listed as part of ticket price. But to their unpleasant surprise, they had to stand in line and buy an overpriced beer and chicken fingers etc. So much for the VIP treatment.
  2. The green carpet concept was essentially a fraud in its own way. People buying expensive VIP tickets from $2500 to $15,000 were given the permission to walk on the green carpet. These attendees, dressed up in their best clothes, were unpleasantly surprised to see that they were walking with only other fellow attendees on the grass, as there was only a small piece of carpet. The celebrities were walking in a separate green carpet, where these people who bought expensive tickets did not have access to.
  3. The show only had one focus i.e. a TV show for the Colors TV as was clear by the two hosts talking at length with a poorly written non-entertaining script. Singers and star line-up was good, but even then Wizcraft managed to produce a boring show for the most part.
  4. One of the moms wrote on my Facebook page as that she felt sorry for those 200 kids and their dedicated parents who paid more than $300 each to participate in dance with Salman Khan.

They spent 5 days and more than 15 hours a day in dance practice at MetLife Stadium. All of the kids sat in brutal degrees heat for the stars to come practice with them. Unfortunately, Salman Khan never showed up for any of the practice until Thursday night at 8 pm. On the day of the event, the kids were asked to be there at 1 pm, because Salman wanted to practice with them. Once again Salman never showed up for practice. These poor kids were sitting at the stadium from 1pm and got to perform at 3 am. On Thursday there was also an incident happened which injured seven or more kids. One of which got severely injured and ended up in the hospital.

Wizcraft had lot of issues in Tampa, but people took it as a first-time mistakes. However, this repeated and deliberate attempt of misleading people to get money and the mistreatment is not to be ignored and tolerated.

The public sentiment is clear by the fact that when I initially posted it on Facebook, the video post has had 40,000 views and has been shared by around 80 people in 36 hours.

Knowing most of you, I am pretty sure and hope that your coverage will go beyond the spectacular stage decoration and glittery star pictures in portraying the feelings and frustration of people and kids.

Some folks are approaching the Indian Ambassador to the US, FICCI and the office of Attorney General for the fraud and mistreatment reporting. If you have any other ideas , what should and can be done about this, please do let me know.


Dr. Sanjay Gupta
Executive Producer, HealthTime TV
President, American Pain Association
Executive Director, SMR, LLC, New Generation Nuclear Reactor, Safe Carbon Free Energy Holtec International, The World Leader in Nuclear Storage.



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