Community activist running for City Council in Naperville, Illinois

Ashfaq Syed, candidate for Naperville, Ill. City Council, scheduled for April 4, 2023. Photo: courtesy Ashfaq Syed

Ashfaq Syed, a community activist, is running for Naperville City Council in Illinois. The elections are scheduled for April 4, 2023.

As an activist and now as a candidate, Syed’s priorities have been economic development, community safety, affordable housing, and multi-dimensional welfare of all sections of society, especially the vulnerable, a press release from Syed said.

“All members of our community deserve a seat at the table. If the people of Naperville elect me, I will put my best foot forward to make Naperville City one of the vibrant hubs of rich cultural diversity, which is one of our greatest strengths as a community,” Syed is quoted saying in the press release.

He indicated he wants to raise awareness  about his record of community involvement, leadership, and vision for Naperville, and was sure people would rally behind him once they come to know him.

He is a trustee on the Naperville Public Library Board, a board member at Loaves & Fishes, Naperville Neighbors United, and the Diversity Advisory Board for the Daily Herald. He is a brand ambassador for NCTV 17.

A graduate of the Naperville Citizen Police Academy and the Naperville Citizen Fire Academy, Syed also serves as a committee member for 360 Youth Services and Civic Engagement committee member at the Islamic Center of Naperville.

He also served as the co-chair of the 2020 US Census Naperville Complete Count Committee.

His other accomplishments include working to create innovative strategies for a widespread outreach campaign in Mark Rice’s successful race for Chairman of the Naperville Complete Count Committee, all despite challenges presented by the Covid pandemic.

“Due to his hard work, Naperville was recognized as the #1 City in America for US Census Self Responses,” Syed’s press release says. In recognition of his contribution to the 2020 US Census in Naperville, Syed was honored with a City of Naperville Mayoral Proclamation. Currently, Vice President for a global financial institution in Naperville, Syed has worked for more than 20 years in the banking and finance industry. He has worked with several non-profit organizations.

“If elected, he will use his rich experience to ensure that Naperville becomes a more diverse, welcoming, and prosperous city,” the press release said.

Syed lives in Naperville with his wife, Ayeisha Syed, and the couple’s three  children.



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