Code Ninjas grand opening in Naperville by Mayor Steve Chirico

Code Ninjas Grand Opening by the Mayor of Naperville, Steve Chirico.

Code Ninjas, a center for kids focusing on Video Games, Robotics, Drones and other STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) activities, opened its doors to the Naperville community, where a significant number of Indians and Indian-Americans live. More than 250 people attended the event hosted by Shilpi Srivastava and Darshna Choksi, moms of 9 year old boys, who established the center, according to a press release.

Realizing the impact that technology has on the future, Srivastava and Choksi saw the need for a kids learning center in the community. At Code Ninja, kids learn to code through a game based curriculum that teaches teamwork, logic, math, and problem solving, the press release said.

Activities include learning how to code, earning belts where each belt introduces the kids to a new skill or coding language; learning Robotics or other stem activities and having fun while doing this with their friends.

The Code Ninja center offer flexible drop-in year round programs along with birthday parties, summer and spring camps on engaging topics.

The Mayor Steve Chirico of Naperville congratulated the duo on taking this initiative.



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