City Unveils Program For Health Care Jobs For New Yorkers


The New York City Department of Small Business Services announced Jan. 9 the launch of the bilingual medical assistant training program that provides tailored training to immigrant New Yorkers with limited English proficiency.

The program, launched by SBS’s New York Alliance for Careers in Healthcare, will help immigrant workers achieve higher wages and enter a career path as a medical assistant. The program is run out of SBS’s Workforce1 Career Center in Washington Heights and was developed in partnership with LaGuardia Community College.

The training program supports New Yorkers in overcoming language barriers and opens up access to career paths in healthcare.

It will also help meet the high demand for a linguistically and culturally competent healthcare workforce to serve an increasingly diverse client population across the city.

The two-part training program offers an initial contextualized English as a Second Language curriculum, followed by a newly redesigned, industry-informed medical assistant curriculum that incorporates core competencies required for today’s healthcare workforce.

It will prepare participants, the SBS said, to obtain full-time employment as medical assistants in the City’s community health centers, hospital-based clinics, and private physician practices.